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Application Development

Change has become constant in the business environment. Companies have started facing problems with this kind of changing trends, consumers needs and demands. CIOs need to look at both the sides of the business. First and foremost, the company adapts the changing trends and makes alterations in its applications accordingly for better market share. On the other hand, also to make sure that cost effectiveness as well as employee efficiency is not lost. 

Custom Software Application Development is a crucial service that can be only handed over to a reliable partner who will ensure that the applications are modified and updated according to current standards and demands at regular intervals and at the same time the company can stay away from hassles like operational expenditures, training and development, retaining employees, etc. 

Prodata is proud of its talented bunch of professional and talented Software application developers, capable of delivering across multiple platforms and infrastructures on time. Our customized application development services cover all the phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), starting from translating business needs into project requirements through implementation and post-production user support. This affirms that the organization derives customer satisfaction and thus increases in business.

We follow various approaches on application development, but broadly its two approaches:

  1. Full life cycle application development: where we take responsibility of analysis, design, coding, testing, integration and implementation.
  2. Joint development: in which our team work with your team in most of the phases of Application development. However, coding and testing is the major component in entire efforts.

Application Support & Maintenance

Recognizing the need and importance of a long term support as well as maintenance to our client’s applications, Prodata offers a wide range of support and maintenance services to our esteemed clients.

Catering to this critical needs of customers who have got their applications running on the servers is in itself a crucial responsibility undertaken by Prodata through:

  1. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and continuous improvement of processes based on customer feedback and performance monitoring.
  2. Doing Root Cause Analysis of each issue and resolving them within stipulated time
  3. Established Levels of Helpdesk support based on the level of gravity of issue and integrated trouble ticketing system
  4. The Four Cornered Approach using Corrective, Preventive, Adaptive and Perfective measures.

Our software application development, maintenance and support services encompass such activities as:

  • Error tracking and debugging
  • End user support
  • Technical troubleshooting
  • Application upgrades and enhancements
  • Web content updates
  • Quality assurance testing
  • Documentation development and maintenance


Our clients stand apart from their competitors since they are benefited in the following ways with our Application Support and Maintenance services.

  • Significant Cost Savings
  • Lowered risks and increased predictability
  • Increased Monitoring of the applications for security vulnerabilities
  • Timely release of programs and enhancements
  • Improved knowledge management

The Application Migration, Modernization and Re-engineering Team at Prodata helps you to modernize and migrate your legacy systems to newer, faster and more efficient platforms with limited risks. We have a proven track record of successfully modernizing large mission-critical mainframe and legacy system projects for our global clientele.

Though modernizing or changing the platform of a live application may be a daunting task to think of, Prodata insists on doing application modernization or transformation for the following reasons:

  • Identifying and removing unwanted technology versions
  • Stabilizing and sustaining business critical software applications
  • Realizing efficiency gains with the use of latest technologies
  • Being able to add new functionality with the use of advanced capabilities of a technology platform
  • Improving application performance and usability with software application migration
  • Saving from the difficulty and expense associated with maintaining older technology
  • Staying competitive and gaining market share with software application modernization
  • Product Development 

We deliver best of the best services to our esteemed clients under Product Development. We offer fresh new Product Development as well as Outsource Product Development services in a way that meet all your requirements. 

With Product Development becoming synonymous with Software Development Companies today, there is cut-throat competition in the market to stay up to client's expectations. Silver Touch has had successful and praiseworthy ventures and developments so far! Our strong team of Software Product Professionals work highly creatively to set-up an ideal and feature-rich development product for you. 

With focus and process driven approach, our team sets performance targets, measures the performance at regular intervals and consistently shows improvement, thus providing complete visibility and control to the customer. It is very important for an Independent Software Vendor to adapt our unique model of product development if they are interested in developing or maintaining a product. Our processes will ensure continuous development as well as do pro-active resource allocation. 

We offer consistent, reliable and cost-effective Software Product Development services by using latest technologies, which ensure quality-rich software or outsource product development in the end.

Document Management

Prodata Document Management System enables quick and easy management of documents. With enhanced capabilities we ensure documentation services with regard to large or small businesses. With Document Management System service by your side, your overall performance augments to a substantial level along with bettering your work proficiency.

The complex tasks of storing, organizing, and managing documents is taken care of by Document Management System Services. Prodata offers the latest Electronic Document Management services to its esteemed clients.

The constant evolution in IT sector technologies has advanced services and their capabilities in terms of functionality. Similarly, Document Management System has come a long way to becoming completely electronic, saving hours of work load. Document Management System lowers cost, saves time and organizes your crucial business data in a handy manner. This impeccable service by Prodata team collects data from all sorts of resources and piles them systematically at one place, reducing chances of being lost. It also keeps your data more secure and safe from unauthorized usage. Its grouping of the oceanic data in a more condensed fashion under relevant categories makes data easily search-able, accessible and secure. Today, considered as the most appropriate way of handling data is Document Management System!

With Document Management System comes co-ordination:

  • Importing and converting data from all kinds of sources to add to the vast bundle of data is easier with documentation.
  • Only authorized personnel can access the crucial business data from anywhere. Consequently, a number of authorized company employees can access the data at the same time.
  • Alongside an email client, managing your enormous email account will be of no trouble. We manage all your incoming and outgoing emails and organize properly.
  • Recovery of archived files can be achieved by retrieval from the Archive section, minimizing future data disasters.

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